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My Legislation

HB 1615 Chief Medical Examiner; appointment, terms, and authority of medical examiners.

Chief Medical Examiner; appointment, terms,and authority of medical examiners. Provides that the Chief Medical Examiner may appoint a medical examiner for each county or city in the Commonwealth. Under current law, the Chief Medical Examiner is required to do so. The bill authorizes appointed medical examiners to assist the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner with cases requiring medicolegal death investigations. Finally, the bill clarifies that the appointment of a medical examiner to fill a vacancy is not required to start on October 1 of the year of appointment, and the term length of such appointment is for the unexpired term.



HB 2332 & HB 2363 Teachers; compensation at rate competitive with national average salary.

Teacher compensation; goal. Adds to the stated goal of the Commonwealth for teacher compensation that its public school teachers be compensated at a rate that is competitive with the national average teacher salary.


HB 2423 Golf carts; use on public highways in Town of Jarratt.

Golf carts on public highways; exceptions. Permits the use of golf carts on public highways in the Town of Jarratt if the governing body of the town reviews and approves such highway usage. Current law prohibits such usage because the Town of Jarratt has not established its own police department.