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From the Desk of Delegate Roslyn Tyler
From the Desk of Delegate Roslyn Tyler

                                  From The Desk of Delegate Roslyn Tyler


The Commonwealth is under a State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 Virus. We are focused on ways to stay safe and protect our citizens and families. You may find daily updates and information on the COVID-19 by searching online at and

The 2020 Session of the Virginia Assembly Session ended Sine Die on March 12, 2020 and scheduled for Veto Session on April 22, 2020. Our budget is fiscally responsible and will maintain our AAA bond rating. The[RCT1] [RCT2]  budget creates strong investments in education, our workforce and health care. I was pleased to be appointed by the Speaker of the House to serve as a budget conferee and vote for landmark legislation that will benefit the citizens of the Commonwealth.

My constituents of the 75th district major concerns were protecting the 2nd Amendments, protecting hunting and sportsmen’s rights, earning a living wage, affordable health care services, increasing funding for our schools, affordability of college tuitions and school construction. Over 1,300 bills were introduced during this session. Listed below are a brief summary of my priorities:

2nd Amendment and Hunting Rights  -  I voted to protect the 2nd amendment and protect hunting and sportsmen rights.

 Increasing the Minimal Wage -  The minimal wage has not been increased since 2007.  I voted to increase rate of pay to $9.50 per hour beginning January, 2021 and $12.00 per hour by 2023.

Health Care - There were major investments in improving health care including $16.5 million to adjust nursing home rates and $19.2 million to provide overtime for personal care attendants. Additionally, funding was increased to provide 1,135 additional Medicaid Disability waiver slots and now Medicaid adults can receive dental benefits.

Education -    Localities will received $200,000 to help with school infrastructure.  Teachers will receive 2% pay raise in each year of the biennium, college and universities FY 2021 tuition was frozen at the rate of FY 2020. Additionally, increasing funding for early childhood education will help to prepare our students for the rapid changing economy.

My district office is now open Monday – Friday. Should you need my assistance, please contact me at 336-1710 or or


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