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Legislative Priorities

Delegate Tyler is focused on issues that matter to Virginians, including educationjobs and economic developmentpublic safety, health care, hunting and sportsman rights and the agriculture and forestry industry

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Delegate Roslyn Tyler's Legislative Priorities - 2019 Session


A good quality education, regardless of a student’s zip code, has always been one of my priorities. I was the first child in my family to attend a university and earn a degree. I realized that growing up in an area with limited opportunities, education was the key to living a quality life and earning a decent salary to raise a family, I have served on the state education committee for 10 years.

I am focused on SOL reform to allow teachers to be creative in the classroom while promoting academic excellence. I will continue to support funding for early childhood education, pre-k to higher education, expand career and technical education opportunities, maintain affordability for higher education and competitive teacher salaries.


Jobs and Economic Development

Rural Virginia unemployment rate is much higher than other areas of Virginia. I supported legislation that would increase the minimum wage amount to 10 dollars and measures to help women seek equal pay for equal work.  I have been working hard to promote my district and counties' industrial parks as shovel ready areas for economic development and job opportunities.

It was a pleasure to work with Secretary of Commerce Maurice Jones, who grew up in Kenbridge, Virginia and understood the challenges of rural Virginia under Governor Terry McAuliffe's Administration. Additionally, Governor Ralph Northam continues to work to build Virginia’s economy. This is the reason I supported the decision to expand funding for the Governor’s Opportunity Fund which will help to bring new jobs and businesses to Virginia.


Public Safety

Picture of Delegate Roslyn Tyler of the 75th District, Delegate John Bell of the 87th District, and Correctional Officers from Greensville County, Sussex County, and Lunenburg County Correctional Centers

With the closing of correctional Facilities and the layoffs of public safety staff in recent years, public safety was drastically affected and changed. This year’s legislators recognized the importance of retaining public safety officers and their valuable services and sacrifices on a daily basis to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth. Correctional officers and senior officers are two of the 19 state jobs with the highest turnover rate due to low salaries and hazardous work environment.

As a member of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee, supporting and funding our law enforcement officers and correctional officers has been one of my priorities. The 75th District has more correctional facilities (Greensville, Sussex I and II, Deerfield, and Brunswick Private Facility) than any other district in the Commonwealth.

l was pleased to vote in favor of the budget that included a compensation package for our state police, deputy sheriffs and correctional officers. The budget allocates $6,939,908 million dollars which will provide a $1,000 increase in the starting salaries for correctional officers and 1.5% percent increase for state employees effective August 10, 2015. 

I would like to thank all public safety officers including our state polices, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, correctional officers and emergency services for their dedication and commitment in making my district and the Commonwealth a safe place to raise our children and families.

In January 2018 I introduced HB 1418 for the Creation of Procedural Guarantee Act for Correction Officers which was passed by the House and Senate and approved by the Governor on April 4, 2018, effective July 1, 2018.  See Full Text and History of the Bill at >

Health Care

Everyone deserves the right to have access to affordable and quality health care. Over 400,000 Virginians and working families do not have access to quality health, and the Commonwealth continues to lose 5 million dollars a day refusing to participate in the Federal affordable health care act.

As a health care provider, I realize that some families must make a choice between buying health care insurance and paying their rent or refilling their prescriptions. These are reasons I continue to support affordable health care coverage, affordable prescription drugs, assistance for family care givers and long term care.


 Hunting & Sportsman Rights

As a youth growing up in rural Greensville County, our family traditional included hunting and fishing.  It was a male sport until later in the 1970’s when women began to participate.  Some hunted for necessity whereby others utilized it for family fun sharing community values and fellowship at the various club.

Today, I still value hunting and sportsman activities.  Hunting and fishing contribute billions to US. Economy annually.  That’s why when HB1900 threatened hunting with dogs in Virginia, I led the bi-partisan fight which defeated HB1900 (48-47 vote) to protect hunting and continue our legacy.  Virginians can continue to count on me to protect hunting and sportsman rights in Richmond.


Agriculture/Forestry Industry

Over three- fourths (3/4) of the 75th District is rural, and agriculture and forestry is an economic engine.  In Virginia, Agriculture and Forestry is its largest industry.  The Industry has an economic impact of over 70 billion annually and provide more than 334,000 jobs in the Commonwealth. 

For this reason, I continue to be a strong supporter and advocate for the Agriculture and Forestry Industry.  I have a 100% voting record in supporting Farm Bureau Legislative agenda.  Recently, I co-sponsored successful legislation (HR 987) which updated agriculture nuisance provisions of Virginia’s Right to Farm Act.  The Act’s prohibition nuisance lawsuits against farmers by protecting them against false claims of nuisance and unfair judgements. 

Because of my profound commitment to the industry, Farm Bureau has continuously endorsed my candidacy for the House of Delegates.   Additionally, the Virginia Loggers Association (VLA) awarded me the President Award in recognition of my continuous support and Leadership of the Forestry Industry. 

This year, Senator Frank Ruff and I carried VLA’s Flashing Amber Light Bill (46.2-1026(26) which authorizes the installation of flashing amber lights on vehicles used for hauling trees, logs or any forest products.

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